Panama and Colombia


After a few months in Marina Shelter Bay to wait for the end of the hurricane season, Wahkuna and her crew decided that it was time to go. We were sad to leave as Dad, Mum and I had had a great time in MSB, making friends, sharing potlucks and being some of the residential musicians of the marina.


One of my many two legged girl friend: JoAnne


Diego Rivera with Frida Kahlo and a Mexican dog

Après plusieurs mois dans la Marina Shelter Bay à attendre la fin de la saison des cyclones, il était de nouveau temps pour Wahkuna et son équipage de reprendre la mer. Nous étions bien tristes de partir surtout après nous être fait tant d’amis et d’avoir fait partie du groupe de musiciens de la marina.

Africa; my other girlfriend.

Africa; my other girlfriend.

Halloween game

Halloween game

Diego and Frida won

The cruisers of Marina Shelter Bay on Halloween

The cruisers of Marina Shelter Bay on Halloween

Después de varios meses en Marina Shelter Bay esperando el fin de la temporada de los huracanes, ya era de nuevo tiempo de irnos. Claro que fuimos tristes de irnos después de tener amigos y tocar musica cada sábado para los cruseros de la marina.

Rehearsing with Stephani and Stuart

Rehearsing with Stephanie and Stuart


While in Shelter Bay, we took Wahkuna to the nearest port Portobello, where we stayed for a few days and enjoyed the historical site and colorful people.


Family photo in Portobello

Beautiful mural in Portobello

Lors de notre séjour à Shelter Bay, nous sommes allés visiter le village historique de Portobello où nous avons séjourné pendant une semaine à la découverte de la ville et la rencontre de ses habitants colorés.

Musée de Portobello

Les ruines d’un des forts de Portobello

Sur les ruines d’un des forts avec quelques amis


A la découverte de Portobello

Durante nuestra estancia en Shelter Bay; fuimos a descubrir el pueblo de Portobello; su pasado histórico y sus habitantes distintos.

El pueblo de Portobello

La iglesia del pueblo

El fútbol; juego de todos

Foto de familia



Arriving in Cartagena

The passage between Colon and Cartagena was for the most part windless and very roly and we used a lot more diesel than expect so we had to stop to Cartagena in Colombia to refuel. It gave us the opportunity to stay a few days in the beautiful city of Cartagena and enjoy sightseeing.

Mum and I ready to explore Cartagena!


Mr.G and the old Cartagena fort in the background


View from the Marina of the Old Cartagena


Exploring the old town of Cartagena


Stopping for dinner


Entrance of the old Cartagena


One of the many Cartagena squares

La traversée entre Colon et Cartagena fut souvent sans vent mais avec beaucoup de houle. Par conséquent nous avons dû nous arrêter à Cartagena pour refaire le plein de diesel. Nous en avons profité pour découvrir la magnifique ville de Cartagena et jouer aux touristes.


Mum and I ready for Cartagena


Wahkuna navigeant près de la nouvelle ville de Cartagena


Listed building in old Cartagena


Les rues du vieux Cartagena


Vendeurs de souvenirs dans les rues du Vieux Cartagena


Magnifique grafiti dans le vieux Cartagena


Premier diner en Colombie


Papa et moi dans les vieilles rues de Cartagena

Durante el viaje entre Colon y Cartagena no tuvimos mucho viento pero muchas olas. Usamos el motor más que pensabamos y entonces paramos para recargar diesel en la cuidad de Cartagena, Colombia. Aprovechamos de estar en Cartagena para descubrir esta cuidad tan bonita.


Los murales de Cartagena


Parada necesaria para un mojito



Fruits à vendre mangues, raisins; mandarines; fruits de la passion, goyaves, et j’en oublie.


Vendeuse de fruits


Balcon de Cartagena


Vieux Cartagena



Robert et une des nombreuses oeuvres de Botero



Liqueur de café colombienne


Maman et moi à Cartagena

That is it from me for now. We are about to cast of to our next destination. I hope your enjoy all the pictures of our end of the year adventures. As always, drop me a wee line with some news from you which I will religiously pass down to Mum and Dad.

Until next time,

C’est tout pour moi. J’espère que vous aurez aimé les photos. Comme à l’habitude envoyez−nous un petit mot pour vous donner de vos nouvelles. Je ferai la commission sans faute auprès de mes parents.

A bientôt,

Es todo para mi. Espero que disfrutaron de mi blog, de las fotos. Como siempre mandanme unas noticias que comunicaré con mis padres.

Hasta la próxima.

El Güero de Guaymas; Sonora Mexico

4 thoughts on “Panama and Colombia

  1. Monique Niemeyer

    What a wonderful photo’s Delphine and Robert and Guero!!! Looks like you have a great life and opportunities to see so many wonderful places in the world. We are all well here. Summer is still in Holland and works as a nanny. Will be back in August, or earlier if she does not like it. Minouk and Danny are having fun at work and Minouk does the odd show. Michael and family are going to move to Dublin in July. All the travelling is getting too much for Mike. They are very sorry that they have to leave Vancouver but after 6 years Mike is finished flying and then they will go back to either Vancouver or NZ. Ok Delphientje have great trips and we will follow your stories. Lots of love for you two from Meinhard and me!! 😘😘❤️


  2. Anne Anderson

    Dear Guero
    It was lovely to hear of all your escapades and travels. Make sure you look after Mum and Dad and we look forward to seeing you all in March
    Lots of 💕
    Anne & Brian x


  3. Wahkuna Post author

    Hello Monique, So good to hear from you. We are now in Haiti where we are getting the boat fixed. Wait for the next installment of my blog, not as fun as the other one. We had a terrible crossing from Colombia to Jamaica and Wahkuna suffered quite a bit. I tried to take some photos during the crossing but it was difficult.
    Glad to hear all is OK with everybody in New Zealand and Europe. Michael is going to be our neighbor, we might go and see him and sure, you will have to come to Ireland to see him as well and we can see each other!!!!! Bisous to you and Meinhard


  4. Wahkuna Post author

    Hello Anne,

    So good to hear from you. We are in Haiti for a while (hopefully not too long) for a few repairs on the boat. We have had to push back our departure from the Caribbeans until May because of the repairs. It is OK as it gives us more time to make it to St Thomas and then a better weather window to make it to Belfast ( not as cold we hope). We are certainly looking forward to seeing you this summer and catching up with all the craic.
    Lots of love to the two of you from the three of us.
    Delphine, Robert and Guero


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