Maintenance, l’entretient

Wahkuna needs frequent work done and although we enjoyed sailing, discovering new places and making new friends with her, every time we are in a new marina, we take the time to work on her to keep her afloat.

Wahkuna a besoin de maintenances fréquentes et bien que nous aimions faire de la voile, découvrir de nouveaux horizons et nous faire de nouveaux amis avec elle, chaque fois que nous sommes dans une marina, nous prenons le temps de faire quelques travaux de rénovation ou de remise à niveau. La liste des travaux et réparations faite est unique rédigée en anglais.

San Carlos / Fall 2013

oil change main engine and generator, new genoa sail, new harken roller fuller, new dinghy, new dinghy outboard, resealed v berth and saloon hatches, replaced morse cable on autopilot, bottom paint, serviced windlass with new brushes, commutator cleaned, CTL box contacts cleaned, gearbox oil replaced.

La Paz / Winter 2013

Water pump rebuilt, new bearing impeller, alternator fan belt replaced.

La Cruz/ Spring 2014

Main engine oil change and filter, teak deck removed and replaced with fiberglass, all remaining wood polished and sealed, bow spit restored and sealed, new instrument box, kitchen taps replaced,

La Paz/ Fall 2014

Bottom repainted, set tappets, resurfaced exhaust manifold end plate, rebuilt exhaust manifold, replaced exhaust pipe and clamps to muffle, flushed heat ex-changer and engine water ways, replaced all water hoses and clamps, replaces coolant filler neck, replaced coolant cap, replaced pencil zinc in coolant system, pressure tested cooling system, fresh coolant, adjusted stuffing box, replaced starter motor and had old one repaired, cleaned fuels separator filter, cleaned and repainted the engine, removed generator to tidy up installation, extended wiring loom to facilitate servicing, upgrade high tension cables to gen set, cleaned and repainted gen set as necessary, removed and serviced starter motor, pressure tested heat ex-changer assembly, replaced coolant cap, remade exhaust manifold, replaced exhaust pipe and clamps to muffler, replaced all water pipes and clamps, fresh coolant, replaced bilge pump outlet hose, installed new cooker, build in sun protection tarps for V berth, saloon and cockpit, sew winches, instruments box and BBQ covers, serviced outboard motor, sealed wood,

Winter 2015

Enclosure of the cockpit, covers for butterfly and V berth,

Spring 2015

New pillow bearing, cutlass bearing, inspection of the through holes, check the rudder supports, repaint the anti fouling, rebuild the water maker pump dry motor, change the water maker pressure regulator valve, sealed wood,

Summer and fall 2015

New exterior gel coat, new shaft baring, new pillow baring, life raft with brain new stainless brackets, shelves in one of the closets, painting of the bimini, repairs of the Genoa, stay sail and main sail, new depth sounder.

Winter 2016

Replaces two screws from first starboard side chain plate, replaced the kitchen taps and repaired the auto pilote. Rebuilt the genoa.

March 2016

Replaced all six chain plates, new chain plates mirror polished, new screws and bolt sealed with 4200. Engel freezer.

Summer 2016

New hot water tank, new propane tanks for both BBQ and stove, new V birth mattress custom made, new V birth sheets, glass counter top for starboard side counter, new AIS receiver, new chart plotter, new main halyard.

Fall 2016

Bottom repainted, new zinc, all through holes serviced, all winches serviced, mosquitoes cockpit enclosure, new mattress in the state room, AC services, additional 12 V fans installed, raw water pump of main engine rebuilt

Winter 2016

New back solar panel, extensive AC serviced, fumigation of the whole boat, teak wood cleaned and protected with Thompson Clear waterproof protector, all lockers cleaned and organized, additional spare parts brought from UK, AIS further connectors installed, additional GPS purchased, new fire extinguisher purchased, other serviced and.or refilled or replaced.

New house bank batteries, new main engine battery, additional Caframo fans, pressure water repaired, port holes resealed inside (all) and out (three starboard side), new upholstery for saloon, new spinnaker system installed, new propane tanks, water maker serviced, engine oil changed, engine oil filter changed, port side head and AC seacock replaces,

Summer 2017

New water maker motor installed, new propane solenoid installed, new bilge pump installed, new stainless part for forward cockpit Bimini, new main engine water pump.

Fall 2017

New water maker pressure pump, new main engine alternator, new bilge pump switch, repair to Genoa clue area, repair to spinnaker, new windlass battery.

Winter 2017

New shaft coupling, repaired shaft, improvement of the stuffing box, new starter motor, mew bilge pump, new anchor (45 pounds), new 8 inches galvanized chain ( 140 feet)

Spring/Summer 2018

Remove complete propeller shaft assembly and rebuild and reinstall with new matin clamp flanges and flexible coupling. Aft shaft needed to be decreased in the diameter of the forward end after it had been previously repaire by welding which had left the shaft in the rough finished larger diameter than a standard size coupling will accept.

Repaire damaged aft keel GRP adjacent to rudder hinge dismantled and re-assembled with new bronze studding and nuts with protective sealant.

Dispatch forward shaft for cut to reduce length and remove original seized corroded flange.

Dispatch newly flanged and machines shafts for drilling to accept lateral through-safety bolts.

Repaired stove burners, repaired drain hose from bilge pump, reviewed exhaust pipe, installed bran new starter motor to main engine, installed a new transformer to convert electricity to European and UK standard, reviews entire windlass motor, batteries and electrical connexions, changes all fenders and mooring lines and springs, repaired headsail and replace numerous broken sliders with new sliders.




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